System of Local Economy

Regionální produkce

The local economy is a system of using local resources, i.e. a system of mutual support that has broad contexts, causes and consequences.

Conscious support of local production is part of the identity of every person living in the region. We create today's activities to keep a functional place for life for future generations.

Local resources come in many forms and are the most valuable we have in the region. And because they are tied to a specific place, they are unique. Local resources include history, traditions, landscape, natural resources, financial resources, but especially human resources.

The principle is to encourage cooperation between operators so that local production is created, processed and sold on the spot, so that producers work together to bring together technologies, services and outlets. Only in this way is the added value of the product and its competitiveness guaranteed precisely in the fact that it arises as local, specific to the given region.

This creates activities that can only be used in the given region and the customer must come for them. Here is an economic evaluation of other related offers: accommodation, meals, local services, sales of other products. The invested funds will be used on the local market. They gain added value. They do not leave the region. The economic power of the region is stabilizing.

The cooperation of entities thus works on the basis of the so-called shortening of chains between local suppliers and customers. This has broad demonstrable effects on improving the quality of our overall life, especially the quality of nature and our own health.