Klára Tschöplová and Andrea Tomášková AJRA children's clothing

The company Ajra s. r. o. was founded in 2023, but before that, it performed under the name of Ateliér TK. And why did the name change? Two seamstresses, Klára Tschöplová and Andrea Tomášková, joined forces and wanted to start together under a new brand. Therefore, they came up with a name that is common to both.

Each story started separately but with the same mindset. When asked how it started, Mrs Klára Tschöplová said: "The children came to my life and with that came also the desire to be more creative. We enjoy sewing and it brings us both together. We started sewing for our children, for ourselves, family and loved ones. At one point, I had a shop with fabrics, haberdashery and my own sewn products in Třemošnice."

Over some time, Klára gave up her own business. However, she and Mrs Andrea Tomášková talked more and more about joining forces and their visions became reality. Since then, they are sawing together original children´s clothing in their workshop in Třemošnice while using the best fabrics with quality verification.

Each design is made in limited numbers. They don't want children to meet each other in the same clothes. The fabrics do not wash out and they are stable in shape. If you are interested in buying a piece which is not currently in your size, do not worry. These ladies will tailor it according to your preferences. They aim to open an e-shop and get their products into stores.

The IRON MOUNTAINS regional product certificate was obtained by Ajra s. r. o. during the spring certification in 2023 under the name Ajra Children's Clothing.

You can find their products in smaller shops in the region or meet them in person at the local markets around the region. More information on the www.ajra.cz


Ajra s.r.o.
Chelčického 686
533 51 Pardubice
tel.: 732 685 465
tel.: 605 013 337

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