Gabriela Kremeňová Products from the GÁBÍŠEK-WINGS lavender farm

Do you love the smell of lavender? Gabriela Kremeňová was enchanted by this flower that she had to set up a garden full of this purple miracle, right behind her family home in Žlebské Chvalovice.

Fragrant cushions with a print accompanied her on the markets already a few years ago. After some time, she started having troubles with her health and work, and she had to give up this "fun" for a while. During renovating her house, she came up with the idea of planting more lavender and laying the foundation for a lavender farm and leaving a legacy for her daughter as a family business. As she says: "We are a tiny lavender farm with about 100 bushes and we intend to expand."

Gabriela dries the herb and processes it into gift items, stuffed textile cushions and fragrant saucers. Her products have one more speciality. Thanks to the usage of a unique technology of print, she created a set of fragrant textile pillows with photographs of the local nature of the Iron Mountains. Cushions have prints of Lichnice Castle, the Doubrava River and other natural beauties.

She uses a computer to graphically process the visuals for her products by herself. This way the product can be custom-made. All it needed is high-quality photographs, love and lavender.

Mrs Gabriela Kremeňová got the certification of her products from the GÁBÍŠEK-WINGS lavender farm spring in 2023 by the Iron Mountains region.

For now, Gabriela does not devote herself full-time to the farm and her creations. However, her health issues gave her a reason to start preparing something that will not only entertain and give her joy in the future but also possibly make a living. You can meet the producer in person at market fairs in the region or find her products in some information centres. You can contact her by phone, or e-mail or she is active on Facebook.


Gabriela Kremeňová
Žlebské Chvalovice 64
538 43 Třemošnice
tel.: 604 458 670



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