Robert Ježek FIT elements

Robert Ježek has been involved in joinery since 1992 when he successfully completed his studies. "Both father and brother are from dirty crafts. So, my parents wanted me to work the so-called clean craft” said Robert while dusting off his work clothes from wood shavings. "That is why I am the first in my family to be a wood jointer" continues Mr Ježek with a smile. One day his son will take over the imaginary baton.

He never worked in any other industry than wood. After his apprenticeship, he joined "Labská" company, where he prepared thresholds for locks for waterworks. Later then he switched to custom manufacturing.

He established his first workroom in his family home in Rozhovice in 2006. After a while the home workplace was no longer big enough, so in 2010 he moved to Morašice. In 2014, he returned to Rozhovice No. 107 to the current premises of a large carpentry workshop.

In custom carpentry, Robert will custom-make everything for you according to your design and needs. Therefore, they deal with orders comprehensively, from design sketches to final assembly on site. The work content is the furniture and construction wood stuff production for interior and exterior with an emphasis on the quality of material, workmanship and customer satisfaction. He prefers to work with solid wood, in which he can insert his ideas and creativity during the process.

Since 2018, he has been cooperating with the region of the Iron Mountains, for which he created a series of unique natural outdoor relaxation elements from local wood. These elements are usually located in one place or form a circuit or a trail. The trails are available for free to all visitors. They also present the idea of how a construction can fit in the surrounding nature, to not disturb the landscape's character.

For these FIT elements, he received the Iron Mountains regional product certification in the spring of 2023.

You can see his work in local villages and the nature of the Iron Mountains. Get inspired on his website and after a telephone appointment, you can visit the producer at the workshop in Rozhovice.


Truhlářství Robert Ježek
Rozhovice 107
538 03 Heřmanův Městec
tel.: 606 620 230



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