EKOfarMA Horecký Dvůr – Ing. Jana Vacková Sweets from Horecký Dvůr

In the past, there were extensive cherry orchards at Horecký dvůr near Jedousov. Even during the First Republic, these cherries were transported all the way to Vienna. What was not sold was processed in the jam factory. In 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Marek established new sets within their company EKOfarma Horecký Dvůr s.r.o., which they want to follow up on what was once so well known here.

Ing. Jana Vacková married into a farming family at Horecký dvůr in 2018. When the orchards began to produce larger crops, she thought it would be a huge shame to just pick the fruit and take it to the distillery. So they started picking the fruit and selling it directly from the yard. What was not sold, they processed into.

In the spring, the whole orchard blossomed beautifully with dandelions. For dandelions, they have a certificate proving their organic quality. They tried dandelion syrup according to their grandmother‘s recipe with great success. Everyone praised him a lot for how good he was. Lavender blossomed and lavender syrup was born. Then they moved on to herbs – lemon balm, mint, elderflower. They also processed plantain, which also has a certificate of organic quality, into the syrup. Cherries, apricots, currants, mirabelles, pears ripened in the summer and they make excellent jams. Do you know apple strudels? They were also grated and put into jars, and after pasteurization, the basis for strudel was created. They have dried apples, pears, plums and nuts in the box as dried Horecké fruits. They successfully try to process almost everything that grows here during the year at Horecké Dvůr.

In the fall of 2021, she received the Ing. Jana Vacková for Dobroty z Horecký Dvůr certificate the Iron Mountains regional product.

The estate is undergoing renovation and as part of it, they plan to build facilities for sales. You can order goodies from Horecké Dvor in the e-shop or via Facebook and pick them up on the spot. Arrange a visit by phone in advance.


EKOfarMA Horecký Dvůr s. r. o.
Horecký Dvůr 66 • Jedousov • 535 01 Přelouč

Ing. Jana Vacková
phone: +420 728 481 845
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