Jan Vašíček Meat cattle – beef

Bio–farm in Licoměřice started its activities more than 25 years ago. The brothers operate on areas of Lipovec and Licoměřice in the Protected Landscape Area of the Iron Mountains with a total of 90 ha of land. They breed mainly beef cattle without marketable milk production. They breed a non-traditional French breed of cattle Blonde d‘Aquitaine which has adapted very well in the conditions of the Iron Mountains.

“The uniqueness of meat lies in the low-fat content with a high content of irreplaceable elements and compounds that our body needs. Meat is high in iron and large number of B vitamins. It is almost the only source of usable zinc without which our immune system does not work. The meat produced has a typical expressive taste so there is no need to .use any seasonings,” as the brothers like to explain to their customers.

Animals live in pastures in the Iron Mountains more than half of their lives. From spring to autumn you can watch them directly from the hiking trails and bike paths of the picturesque foothills of our mountains.

In 2012 they received the certificate of the Iron Mountains regional product brand for the beef they produce. They do not supply the meat to any chainstore but it is sold directly to the end customer by prior arrangement.

Bio-farm is also dedicated to beekeeping so the customer can buy honey and mead directly from the yard of the farm. The farm is included in the GOURMET TRAIL and supports the local economy of the region. The visit must be arranged in advance.

In cooperation with the Protected Landscape Area they voluntarily included the cultivation only of the native herb species in this area and do not fertilize with chemical fertilizers but only with manure or compost.


Jan Vašíček
Licoměřice 20 • 538 43 Třemošnice
phone: +420 724 008 960

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