Marcela Bezoušková Handwoven textile products

The first step in starting the journey of one's own creation in the field of weaving was preceded by many months of admiring various experienced craftsmen. Marcela Bezoušková's enthusiasm continued to grow. The desire to do one's own thing was getting stronger and stronger. However, she did not have the courage to buy a loom. Phrases like: "It won't work for me" or "It will be a useless investment" ran through her head.

She started with the simplest applications. She made her first weaving frame from cardboard. She wove squares, which she then connected. Then she asked her husband to make a 30 x 30 cm wooden frame where she tried a different weaving technique. Marcela's work so far has been successful, so the desire to prove something in the real state became more and more pronounced. She decided to take a weaving course. Unfortunately, under the weight of the national situation, the courses were cancelled.

Any postponement of her dream was unpleasant for her. She decided to buy a loom and started weaving herself. She was helped by examples on the Internet and she wove shawl after shawl. She tried colours, colour combinations and different types of yarn. After some time, the opportunity to take the course changed, and Marcela learned from it what she had mastered and what she needed to improve on. She gained a lot of inspiration for further work. She gradually gifted woven scarves to family members and acquaintances. But what next?

At that time, the creative world already knew about the online portal, so her registration was done right away. Marcela Bezoušková received the Iron Mountains regional product certificate during the autumn certification in 2021.

Marcela's profession revolves around a large number of numbers and data analysis on the computer. In this context, designing what and how to weave, how to combine colours, prepare a warp for the loom, then weave, finish the work by processing the fringes, wash and iron, this means for her to be able to create something nice, pleasant, elegant and at the same time useful with her own hands. You can visit it by telephone in Bojanov or find it at events in the region.


Marcela Bezoušková
Bojanov 47, 538 26 Bojanov
phone: +420 606 621 295

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