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The history of the Medlešice coffee roaster World Coffee began to be written around 2005. In the beginning, there was a desire to travel, to discover distant landscapes. We started looking for local coffee while travelling, interested in its cultivation, preparation, roasting and local coffee ceremonies. We returned from these trips full of experiences, especially with a supply of coffee and tea, which ran out over time.

And it is at this moment that the story of our own coffee roasting begins. Of course, we didn't know anything about roasting coffee, but slowly we started to understand this issue. It turned out to be a science and alchemy. This did not deter us and we bought the first small roaster, we call it Amálka. We ordered 10 kg of green coffee and our story could start. Through trial and error, our first coffee began to grow under our hands. Over time, we improved the roasting, created new profiles, and the first blends and the first delicious Arabicas came along.

In 2020, we opened our first coffee shop in Chrudim. We deliver coffee to many companies throughout the country, to selected cafes, and you can also order it in our e-shop or stop by our roastery for it. Our coffee has been certified by the brand Iron Mountains regional product brand since 2021.

We are most pleased to receive praise from our customers. We have fulfilled our dream and the work became also our hobby. At the same time, we feel a huge responsibility, because the journey of coffee leads from the seedling through the harvest by the farmers on the other side of the globe, to the actual roasting in our roastery. We are at the end of this long journey and its final outcome is up to us.

If you roast coffee, you have to do it with your heart. We have many plans for the future and our customers have a lot to look forward to. This is the story of the Medlešice coffee roaster World Coffee.


World Coffee Roaster s.r.o.
Medlešice 26, 538 31 Chrudim
phone: +420 732 404 339

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