VENTURA–VENKOV s.r.o. SEKOL® production program

Peasant origin and lifelong work in agriculture brought Vlastimil Marek to the former count‘s estate premises after 1994. Since 2003 he and his wife have been engaged in producing and selling environmentally friendly bio preparations for technical use. In 2010 nature-sensitive activities gave rise to the subject EKOfarMA Horecký dvůr. The aim is to bring back to life the homestead Horecký Dvůr, which in the past was one of the nine farms belonging to the Choltice estate.

Gradually, an orchard was established with an emphasis on the taste diversity of gradually ripening varieties in the system of organic farming so that products from their own fruit can be offered. The Eco-trail of the Land of the Knight Sekolík was created around the orchard, which shows children how natural processes work and the possibilities of using biotechnologies for own production. The trail was complemented by natural playground elements and became a popular destination not only for school trips.

The area including the Eco-trail is open to the public by appointment. Bio Preparations of the SEKOL production program can be purchased via the e-shop. Fruit from the orchard can be purchased according to seasonality.

Anna Marková is the initiator of the FORMAN TRAIL, which connected the premises of local certified producers with the theme of “wandering“ of people on the road, who pass each other their experience, and thus not only naturally increases sales of local production but also gains a lot of practical and traditional knowledge. She also organizes educational lectures and workshops on the topic of How to behave towards nature.


EKOfarma Horecký Dvůr s. r. o.
Horecký Dvůr 66 • Jedousov • 535 01 Přelouč
phone: 602 582 224

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