TRIKAM Nasavrky s.r.o. Iron Mountains dessert bitter mead

In the beginning, Josef Lojda and his colleague, then the director of the beekeeping school Mr Kolář, experienced a time when honey was perceived as inferior good and was bought at quite low prices. They thought about how to upgrade a product like honey into something that customers would want more. They decided on mead.

They consulted with the production of mead at the Beekeeping Research Institute, where they have experience with this product. The beginnings were difficult. Establishing themselves on the market was not easy, and gradually competition began to arise in this field.

Iron Mountains mead is based on old recipes. The base is honey, which, after fermentation and adding other natural ingredients, creates a drink with a unique taste and aroma. Ageing in wooden barrels also contributes to the final result.

This mead has a tradition and is rated positively by customers for its deliciousness. The mead is made from local honey, a product from the Iron Mountains. It is actually a product of the region. That is why the name Iron Mountains Mead. The Iron Mountains regional product certificate was awarded to this mead in 2012.

Over time, the colleague left and was replaced by Milan Chvojka. Josef Lojda moved to the Beekeeping school's director position in Nasavrky.

You can buy regional mead in the Včelka store in Nasavrky, check the opening hours on the website It is also available for sale in selected information centres of the LAG of the Iron Mountains.


TRIKAM Nasavrky s.r.o.
Slatiňanská 23, 538 25 Nasavrky
phone: +420 604 414 928

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