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In the fall of 2021, the school in Nasavrky celebrated 70 years since its establishment. Not only beekeeping was taught here, but also other fields. Due to the low interest of children in full-time studies in 1998, it was decided to keep only distance learning at the school.

Nowadays, a lot of people have beekeeping as a hobby and want to get the right education, whatever their age, and therefore there is a huge excess demand for studies. They can accept around a hundred new students for the year. The study program is for three years, and after graduation, students receive a verified certificate. Students go to school once a month on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They have given accommodation and food on the school grounds.

For teaching purposes, the school has a large apiary with an arboretum available in the building. The Včelka beekeeping shop is open throughout the year with supplies for beekeepers and, of course, the sale of honey and other products.

Already during beekeeping, all veterinary regulations are strictly observed. Students dial the honey in the "honey room" as it should be done correctly, while again observing all regulations. It is part of the teaching and also a guarantee of the quality of the honey. The honey comes from the Iron Mountain protected area, which partially meets the requirements for so-called ecological honey. They do not deliver the product from the apiaries anywhere else. It is only for the needs of the school or in the kitchen for students.

Since 2012, the honey from the school in Nasavrky has been marked with the Iron Mountains regional product certificate.

For the honey, stop by the Včelka store on the grounds of the beekeeping school in Nasavrky. Check the opening hours on the website Get inspired by the bee inspiromat at the entrance to the area.


SOUV–VVC, o.p.s.
Slatiňanská 135, 538 25 Nasavrky
phone: +420 469 677 128, 604 41 49 28
1-12prodej ze dvora


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