Statek Lipka a.s. Beef meat from Lipka

Farm Lipka, a.s. was established in 2015. It is located in the village of Lipka near Horní Bradlo, in a place with a long farming tradition. The uniqueness of the environment is completed by the Gothic Lipka fortress from the beginning of the 14th century and also by the memorable linden tree, which has been growing here for 800 years. The linden is proud of the title of Tree of the Year 2016 and third place in the European Tree of the Year 2017 competition. Jan Ámos Komenský, the Teacher of the Nations, rested in the shadow of this linden, and Jan Žižka also camped under it. As a reminder of Lipka's rich history and traditions, the farm maintains a memorial linden tree to this day.

Farm Lipka, a.s. farms approximately 300 hectares of pastures and forests. All localities connect harmoniously with each other. Livestock management and care take place with maximum emphasis on care, consideration and respect for nature. As part of plant production and seeding practices, fodder crops, especially corn and clover, have the highest representation, according to the needs of animal production. Next, oilseed rape, winter wheat and spring barley. Gradually, the farm succeeds in expanding the cultivated area and the spectrum of cultivated crops is gradually enriched with seed stands of reedy fescue.

On the farm, they raise the exceptional French breed Parthenaise in harmony with nature and in the spirit of traditions, humility and values left here by their ancestors, and the farm proudly continues them with its management.

In 2019, STATEK Lipka, a. s. received the Iron Mountains regional product certificate for the beef it produces. The brand gives a clear signal that it is part of the region.

You can buy meat to order, or in the shop at the EUROBIT gas station in Hradec Králové (Svobodné Dvory, or taste it in the stylish restaurants of the EB DINERS network (


STATEK Lipka a.s.
Lipka 1, 538 25 Horní Bradlo
phone: +420 777 902 850



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