Restaurace Zámek Choltice s.r.o. – Pavla Dušková Chateau honey ribs, Choltice pies

The restaurant is located directly on the premises of the baroque chateau built by the Thun family in the years 1683–1695. The castle is surrounded by a romantic field and a system of three ponds, and the complex offers a wide range of activities for every age group. From spring to autumn, the restaurant has an open covered garden with a view of the chateau park, which includes an attractive area for children.

After Josef Raba left the restaurant in 2016, the new tenant became Pavla Dušková, who with her husband founded the company Restaurace Zámek Choltice, s. r. o. and they also took over certified products. The same staff ensures the constant quality of the offered Chateau honey ribs, and Choltice pies, which have been certified as the Iron Mountains regional product since 2012.

At the Choltice Chateau Restaurant, the chefs prepare "fine" chateau ribs. The dish is made according to an old recipe with local herbs and honey from local beekeepers. The food is served in an original way with homemade bread baked directly in the restaurant. A special design cutting board made by a local carpenter is used for serving. The groove system guarantees the stability of the plate on the cutting board. You can find this regional dish on the permanent menu all year round.

With your coffee, you can try sweet and delicious holiday pastries made from yeast dough, filled with sweet cottage cheese and plum jam. The homemade cake literally melts on the tongue. Cakes are baked on weekends throughout the year. During the holidays, the cook makes dough for them every day. You can also order them by phone in advance at your event.

The restaurant is part of the GOURMET TRAIL, which in 2013 connected the sites of local certified producers with the theme of good food and drink, and is also involved in the FORMAN TRAIL.


Zámecká restaurace Choltice s.r.o.
Náměstí sv. Trojce 1, 533 61 Choltice
phone: +420 603 155 426

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