Olga Široká Handmade wood carving from Seč

When Olga Široká was 10 years old, she cut a block in her mother's window with a knife. No one taught her to carve. The uncle was a shoemaker and the father was a skilled locksmith, so they had no shortage of tools at home. After the fish, the kitchen knife came next, and then the chisel. Working with chisels helped her cope with the loss of her father. First, she cut a witch out of a log, then puppets, etc.

Olga has been engaged in wood carving for more than thirty years. That's a lot of hours of work that no one is paying you for. But it is worth that brings relief and joy. Work that can heal.

He creates original wooden figurines from high-quality linden wood, sometimes reaching for walnut. The figurines are always made of one piece of wood. The figures represented are mainly fairy-tale characters, but also nativities and animals. He prefers to cut owls, angels and devils. He can win more with the devil.

It is only handmade from local resources and her ideas. The final product is treated with beeswax on the surface or they are offered without treatment.
Since 2012, her work has been certified as the Iron Mountains regional product.

You can view and purchase the wooden figurines after making an appointment with the producer over the phone, or you can directly arrange for the figure to be made for you, according to your wishes. You can find the products in the Rusalka store in Heřmanův Městec. You can also see Olga Široká working at events in the Iron Mountains region.


Olga Široká
Pardubická 278, 538 07 Seč
phone: +420 702 077 636

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