Soap Producers Š. Iva & Roman Šukal Natural plant soaps

Roman and Iva officially started making soap in their parent's house in Slatiňany in 2014. Before that, Iva and her friend were looking for a possible alternative to washing and also worrying about children's sensitive skin. It took a whole year to arrange the relevant permits and approvals for the production of 10 soaps. They now work alone in the soap factory, but sometimes family members come to help with the packaging.

Soaps and shampoos are produced using the cold method from oils of food and cosmetic quality. They contain only vegetable oils, butter, essential oils, dried crushed herbs and 100% essential oils of high quality such as lavender, orange, lemon, mint, cinnamon, ylangylang. They use certified organic palm oil, and add high-quality jojoba oil to their shampoos. They do not use cosmetic and food dyes, fragrances or even mineral pigments.

They have the greatest demand for solid shampoos that lather nicely and you can use them on the whole body. This recipe really worked. Iva values the most laundry soap for both hand washing and clothes washing. It contains no phosphates.

You can recognize the products from the soap factory by the original box with a drawing on the top and also by the spiral embossing imitating the growth of a flower in nature. The producers were inspired by the old soap makers, who used to mark their soaps with embossing.

The Iron Mountains regional product certificate has been used by producers of natural soaps since 2014.

Among their customers, they have many allergy sufferers looking for cosmetics that will not harm them and will also be kind to nature. Another group are those who like to buy the handcrafted product. You can buy the products directly from the producers at home, at markets in the region or order them using the e-shop.


Mýdlárna Š.Iva
T. G. Masaryka 131, 538 21 Slatiňany
phone: +420 608 725 368
Roman Šukal
phone: +420 608725368

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