Momo Chrudim o.p.s. Felt products of the Momo workshop

Momo Chrudim is a non-profit company focused on social, artistic and educational projects. It runs the Momo social therapy workshop for mentally and physically handicapped adults in Chrudim and the kindergarten Děvčátko Momo in Slatiňany. It organizes various lectures, discussions, arts and crafts courses for the general public.

Why “Momo“? The inspiration was found in Michael Ende‘s book Little Girl Momo and Stolen Time. It is a story about time and listening, as well as about our era in which no one has time for anything, and yet if we stop for a moment, we would find that we always carry all our time with us. Because the time of our lives is always reborn in our heart. Little girl Momo can do this and thanks to that she can listen to others like no one else. That is why the girl Momo was chosen as a role model.

The members work with Czech sheep wool. They color it and use it to make original covers for books, mobile phones, handbags, pencil cases, tulips, jewellery, tablecloths and other accessories. Working in a workshop helps people with disabilities to have a more independent and meaningful life. The products are made by hand, so every single one is unique.

In the workshop they organize courses of art techniques, especially wet felting. You can come and try everything and take home a hand-made product. For interested individuals they organize felting workshops in kindergartens, schools and clubs. They can also organize a workshop for any other group of children and adults.

Products from the MOMO workshop have held the Iron Mountains regional product brand since 2014. Nevertheless the supplies and wool for felting can be purchased in a stone shop or on the eshop or from contractual partners.


Momo Chrudim, o.p.s.
Palackého třída 200, 537 01 Chrudim
phone: +420 775 780 950

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