ZOD Družstvo Stolany Fresh milk from Stolany

Ing. František Mikan has remained loyal to the agricultural cooperative in Stolany throughout his whole professional life. He joined the cooperative in 1972 after graduating from university as an intern. After ten years in 1982 he was elected as a chairman and he remains in this position till nowadays. Agriculture is therefore his lifelong mission.

The cooperative operates in two animal production centres in Stolany and Sobětuchy. It operates in conventional agricultural production, such as the cultivation of cereals and fodder and the breeding of dairy cows for milk with an adequate number of calves, heifers and bulls. They have about 175 cows of traditional Czech spotted cattle in stable breeding. The cows in the stables can move freely into the paddock.

The impulse for the sale of milk to people directly from the yard was a closure of a grocery store in Stolany. The brand Iron Mountains regional product has been helping them to make production more visible since 2013. The product is included in the Forman Trail.

For the fresh milk you can come directly to the area in Stolany on Mon, Wed and Fri 15.00–15.45 and Tue, Thu and Sat 8.00–9.00. A healthy product can be “poured“ into your own containers or the team will offer you PET bottles. You can buy the milk in full fatness, as it was milked. Milk is not pasteurized, so it must be boiled before consumption. However, it regularly undergoes very strict hygienic inspections. The plan for the future is to set the sale of milk like that so it is not tied to a certain time and the milk is available to interested consumers at any time.


ZOD Družstvo tolany 
Stolany 112, 538 03 Heřmanův Městec
phone: +420 469 637 931

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