Mgr. Jana Beránková Wire and glass goods

Jana Beránková has been working on handicrafts for many years now. There are various techniques she has already tried such as wax batik, bobbin winding, scrubbing, blueprinting, enamel, oil painting, mosaic, etc. However, she is most fascinated by working with wire, glass and beads, also in combination with wood and stone.

She has been the holder of the brand of the Iron Mountains regional product since 2013. She wants her products to please those who purchase them. Most things are created at her home in Slavkovice. Her kingdom is the attic of the log cabin. After a telephone agreement she is able to make the product tailored to the customer‘s wishes.

You can buy decorative and utility items at various regional events and some information centres in the region. She is also the organizer of courses and workshops. The products are also sold at Babiččin dvoreček in Licibořice.

The civic profession of Jana Beránková is teaching. She takes her profession as a life mission and likes to pass on her skills and experience to students in Heřmanův Městec. For children in the second grade she invented the optional subject Basics of Folk Crafts. The interest and response among children are great. For example, they learn to weave, work with sheep wool or form a mosaic of tiles. Jana Beránková shows children how they can develop their motor skills and dexterity to work a little differently than by sitting behind the computer all the time.


Mgr. Jana Beránková
Slavkovice 92, 538 03 Vyžice
phone: +420 721 446 143

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