Ludmila Sadílková Bojanov lace drawing

A native of Central Bohemia, she got married after her studies and found her new home in Bojanov in the Iron Mountains. She has always loved to create and creates with her hands. As the children grew up, she slowly began to learn the secrets of clay.

She loves its malleability and leaves it free and random. She lets the clay show herself where to bend, dent or press it... Often the author herself does not know in advance how the vase, hat or handbag will look. But she knows exactly the moment when the work is done and when she can no longer ad anything. It is exclusively a hand-crafted, one-piece creation, especially of decorative ceramics, which is characterized by natural earthy colours, minimally glazed, left to the naturalness of the material in its exterior.

And suddenly she also picked up a pencil, started drawing and searching... and slowly, slowly she found her own style, her own technique. Now she knows that her ceramics and drawing belong together. They have a common ground. Even with a drawing, he often does not know in advance what it will look like, but compared to ceramics, the drawing must be accurate and precise. The individual motifs, reminiscent of lace, seamlessly intertwine, stimulate the imagination, and induce a feeling of calm and balance. The author herself is constantly surprised by how a flower, a dancer or the entire story of human life slowly emerges from a mix of lines and dashes. A line is not like a line and everything goes through development.

Both regional products, ceramics and lace drawings, were certified by the Iron Mountains regional product certificate in 2012. In the future, she would like to try to transfer drawings to fabrics for use in fashion creation.

However, the inner desire to create is constantly moving forward, drawings on hand-made paper slowly began to appear, and he does not resist colourful abstract paintings on canvas either.

Her work is unrepeatable. There is always only one original, which you can meet at various exhibitions in the Iron Mountains region and beyond, or visit the producer directly at her home in Horní Bezděkov. Images can be purchased, for example, at


Ludmila Sadílková
Horní Bezděkov 27, 538 07 Bojanov
phone: +420 602 389 339

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