Ladislav Skřek Czech honey and mead from Třebosice

Ladislav Skřek was introduced to beekeeping by a work colleague around the year 2000. He did not follow any family tradition. In his early days with bees, he dealt with swelling after stings. But he persevered and it got better over time. Today, in retirement, he is a beekeeper for pleasure.

It produces around 100 kg of honey per year. The beehive in the garden of the family house in Třebosice is not large. There are only five bee colonies in it. Honey is a mixed flower made from the nectar of the flowers of trees and plants in the vicinity of the village of Třebosice.

Mead is a fermented honey solution that ferments like wine and has the same alcohol content. Ladislav Skřek produces pure natural, unflavoured mead. He himself prefers it to drink chilled.

He acquired ties to the LAG Železnohorský region during his tenure as mayor in Třebosice. Since 2012, Ladislav Skřek has been using the Iron Mountains regional product certificate for his honey and mead. Belonging to the region is a prestigious matter for him.

He hopes for a successor in his inquisitive granddaughter, who, however, started to have "girlish" interests in her teens. Hopefully, as she gets older, she will find a liking for beekeeping.

You can buy both regional products from the yard in Třebosice after making an appointment with the producer by phone. He traditionally delivers warm mead at the Lighting of the Třebosice Christmas Tree, you can come and taste it at this event.


Ladislav Skřek
Třebosice 49, 530 02 Třebosice
phone: +420 728 485 275

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