Josef Raba Raba Choltice pig-killing

Josef comes from a butcher family with an honest trade. He knew he wanted to be a cook from about the age of six when he saw on top of the table and watched his dad's hands. He trained as a cook and butchering became his hobby. He inherited his father's love of this craft, including experience and recipes. The desire to experiment and create his own recipes has not left him to this day.

He was employed as a chef for a long time. In April 2010, he opened a restaurant at the chateau in Choltice and tried to connect with the activities of the Iron Mountains region. His first regional products Choltice pies and Chateau honey ribs were certified in 2012. Later, Raba Choltice pig-killing was added.

Josef Raba is the co-founder of the GOURMET TRAIL, which in 2013 connected the premises of local certified producers with the theme of good food and drink created from the resources of the local region by local people.

In January 2016, Josef Raba was tempted by cooking in the school canteen and left the chateau restaurant. He took only his family jewel and a gift from his father - the butchering craft, the other two regional products remained at the restaurant. For four school years, he was the head cook at the Primary School in Choltice and worked in the Pub Na Hřišti.

He became a freelance chef with his own kitchen. He believes in honesty when cooking. He has a passion for good food and quality local ingredients, which he tries to process as a whole in his products. Raba Choltice pig-killing has a complete line of products. It's not just classics like liver and sausage meat, but also smoked meat, sausages, bacon, broth, lard, etc.

You can taste Josef Raba's products at various events in the region or at a classic yard sale. If the promotional banner is on the sidewalk next to the road, anyone can come. They look forward to seeing you in Choltice.


Josef Raba
Pardubická 74, 533 61 Choltice
phone: +420 777 200 804

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