Ing. Jaroslav Nevole Fruit from the Iron Mountains

The orchardist Ing. Jaroslav Nevole dedicates his entire professional life to the fruit growing. He likes to be involved in the activities of the region to bring local fruit to the table of local people because fruit grown and sold locally shortens the journey from the producer to the final customer to a minimum.

The planter's year is not only about the harvest. Pruning of trees takes place in winter, in spring it is necessary to fertilize, and treat trees against diseases and pests. The work is year-round and culminates in the harvest, which is demanding in terms of work and organization. Permanent employees are assisted by temporary workers. You too can have an occasional part-time job outside on the fresh air. Due to changes in demands on the market and the discovery of new varieties of fruits, the planter regularly changes the sets and establishes new ones.

Fruit has to be stored at a constant temperature then waits for its customers. Stocks usually last until the next harvest. Years of fruit growing experience are then reflected in the excellent quality of the fruit. In addition to fruit, you can also taste and buy apple ciders.

Planter Jaroslav Nevole is a member of the regional East Bohemian Fruit Union. In addition to selling fruit to wholesale and customers he also provides the agriculture services. Since 2012, his fruit has had the Iron Mountains regional product certificate.

Enjoy the real taste of fresh home-grown fruit! For fruit, you can go directly to the premises in Svinčany at any time. From Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings, in case of indecision, they will advise you on which fruit to buy. Take a basket with you and come for a delicious fruit!


Jaroslav Nevole
Na Kopaninách 278, 533 61 Choltice
phone: +420 602 559 647

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