Jaroslav Jedlička Venison from the Farm

A native of Jeníkovice in the Přelouč region, he has worked in agriculture his entire professional life. Jaroslav Jedlička started in Lukavica in 1985 as a ZOO technician. In 1989, he became the chairman of the cooperative, and after its dissolution in the early nineties, he founded an agricultural company with limited liability. His son, Dušan Jedlička, continues in his father's footsteps.

The basis for the cooperative is plant production. Jaroslava Jedlička's love for hunting and the possibility of using the area after rearing heifers, which was pivotal for the original cooperative, led Jaroslava Jedlička to farm fallow deer and mouflon game. Today, they keep 300 game animals in the nature reserve near Nasavrky. Dančí is born in the nature reserve and spent his whole life there. Farming is ecological, there is no fertilization in the surroundings of the fields, and the animal feed comes from our own plant production, unencumbered by pesticides.

Sale of fallow deer and mouflon meat is offered by Zemědělská spol. J+V s. r. o. Lukavice almost throughout the year. Deer venison is the most delicious meat and has many advantages. Above all, it is tasty, healthy and dietary. It contains a lot of vitamins A, and B saturated fatty acids and minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. It has a high proportion of protein and is more tender and juicy. Meat samples from farm breeding are under the control of the State Veterinary Administration. Each caught piece passes a veterinary check, and it goes to the customer chilled and uncut in batches.

Agricultural Co. J+V s. r. o. Lukavice has been the owner of a certificate authorizing the use of the Iron Mountains regional product brand for the meat produced since 2013.

If you prefer a healthy lifestyle and enjoy venison at the same time, just call a week in advance and you will have the meat ready and chilled for collection directly in Lukavica.


Zemědělská společnost J+V s.r.o.
Lukavice 10, 538 21 Slatiňany
phone: +420 723 060 624
phone: +420 775 603 178

Jaroslav Jedlička
telefon: +420 469 670 161

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