Ing. Dana Šťastná Whole wheat strudel & Rye sourdough bread

Dana Šťastná already helped to cook as a little girl. She inherited the cookbook “Standards of Hot Meals” from her mother and has been using it since and her father supplied them with a game and fish as an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman. Later Dana started to cook healthily and with love for her family. As a funny story about her home cooking, she remembers a question of her two sons when she called them to eat: „Mom, will it be good or healthy?“

She has always intuitively realized the huge impact of food on our health and well-being. She studied agricultural economics and at the same time teaching. She started as a teacher at the Integrated Secondary School, which was focused mainly on public catering and later as a representative for professional practice of students.

In 2005 Dana Šťastná became independent and focused mainly on projects with the aim of obtaining funds from the EU intended for education and employment of people. During this time, she also studied at the School of Natural Treatment of Dr Soňa Hájková, which greatly influenced her and moved to a higher level of her thinking about healthy dining.

In 2009 she applied for financial support for the newly established social enterprise the Circle of Health and the alternative diner which was ceremoniously opened on 1 May 2011. The Circle of Health represents not only healthy food but also healthy relationships of work and communication. The company organizes workshops, tastings and seminars for the public, at which they try to show their experience with cooking and baking. In the Circle of Health, you have to taste a rye sourdough bread or, the whole grain apple strudel. Both are certified as the Iron Mountains regional product.

The aim of the Circle of Health is balanced, healthy, seasonal and tasty local production enjoyed in calm and happy environment.


Ing. Dana Šťastná
Nerudova 940, 537 01 Chrudim
phone: +420 732 277 628



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