Aleš Navrátil Blacksmith products

The family farm has gone through many difficulties in the past. From independent farming, through forced entry into the local collective in 1958, only after the resumption of independent activity in 1992. The buildings were finally returned to owners in desolate condition in 1971.

However, the family‘s desire to farm on their own again was great, and so everyone set to work. Over time, the farm developed and stabilized. The area of farming has 45,5ha. The number of dairy cows is 20 in free-range housing, which produces 400–600 l of milk per day.

The brothers run the farm in the spirit of “good common sense“ and classical farming. They have a positive attitude towards the land, landscape and animals. Four people work on the farm and all make a living from the production.

The older of the brothers, Josef, built a mini dairy in 2016, where he and his wife produce cheese and other various dairy products, which can be purchased directly at the mini dairy. The younger brother Aleš runs a blacksmith‘s workshop, where he works on the production of horseshoes, horse fittings and also works of art. Depending on the seasonality, it is possible to buy potatoes in addition to cheese and surplus grain. The farm is part of the GOURMET TRAIL.

The brothers plant trees on their land forming draws and fertilise with manure in order to grow healthy production and to retain water in the landscape.


Aleš Navrátil
Kraskov 83, 538 05 Seč
phone: +420 776 146 302

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