Alena Machová Knitted lace, Wicker knitted products

Alena Machová has been making lace since she was ten years old. Its beginnings are connected with the Children's and Youth Center in Přelouč. Here, she learned the basic techniques of beading at the beaded lace courses and gradually tried to improve them. Later, she participated in several courses and also exhibitions in Prague and Vamberk, where she learned other new techniques and sought new inspiration. The hours of work spent on lace cannot be paid for. But the person who buys them will be happy and will get a return on the investment in the material.

Lace is made on a cushion called a “herdule” and is created from threads wound on sticks. In terms of motif, size and colour design, anything can be created - figures, animals, flowers, natural motifs, window curtains, jewellery, etc. Sticking requires a lot of patience and feeling in the hands. Sometimes she draws a pattern for drumsticks herself, but only rarely. Rather, she uses old patterns that grandmothers found in attics and buys patterns from lacemakers.

Alena was introduced to knitting pedig products by her friend, with whom she tried knitting something for the first time. She found enjoyment in work and it became her next hobby. She has attended several seminars and continues to improve as a self-taught person. You can create beautiful charms with natural material when knitting, as evidenced by the original baskets, trays or bowls decorated with motifs from the Iron Mountains.

Since 2012, Alena Machová has had the Iron Mountains regional product certificate for her lace and wicker products.

You can admire the white beauty of the producer's lace at various exhibitions in the region. You can see her at work at one of the craft fairs or buy the products at the LAG office in Heřmanův Městec, or at the owner's home by telephone.


Alena Machová
Jiráskova 671 • 535 01 Přelouč
phone: +420 775 073 803

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